Deliveries and Flights

Your Hillhaven Dachshunds Exciting Arrival

Free Delivery to Morisset, Lake Macquarie can be arranged at times.

During COVID 19 we are unable to fly puppies. If you can pick up from us in Tamworth we welcome that, obviously maintaining all social distancing and group rules. Please if you have any symptoms do not come.

We are using a couple of road transport pet couriers to get puppies to their new homes. Obviously  this is limited to where ourpuppies can go.


We fly our puppies so that everyone can experience a Hillhaven Dachshund puppy from a loving and professional home. These prices are current of now, October 2019 with Jetpets. Jeptes are not taking bookings during the COVID 19 pandemic, but I will leave the prices there so you can have some idea of prices. Dogtainers prices will be more expensive. Sorry, I can do nothing about that. I am not aware of their prices at the moment as they are inundated by boookings and havent been able to get back to me yet.



  • Sydney – $117.80
  • Coffs Harbour $161.25
  • Dubbo $187


  • Melbourne- $131


  • Adelaide – $174


  • Darwin – $224
  • Alice Springs 234.50


  • Brisbane – $162.30
  • Townsville – $174.54
  • Cairns – $199.50
  • Coolangatta – $199
  • Toowoomba $199.50
  • Mackay $187


  • Perth – $199.50


  • Hobart – $175
  • Launceston –  $175


  • Canberra – $162.30

Airline Approved Crate

A PP20 airline approved crate is required to fly your puppy in and is an additional cost of $70. This crate is lined with Vet bed to wick away any moisture and keep your puppy dry , their puppy blanket, soft toy and their favourite treats to make their journey comforting and smooth. We want the flights to be as stress free as possible so help the puppy to be familiar with their crate before their flights.

Airline Approved Crate hillhavendachshund

Calming Collars

These are purchased for $70 from us. We have been using calming collars for the last 2 years and have found them beneficial in helping a new puppy cope with the enormous stress and anxiety that results from moving to their new home. We believe if we can help reduce that level of anxiety in any way it is beneficial. The calming collars release a pheromone that is similar to what a mother dog produces while she is nursing her puppies. Studies have shown even 12 months later that puppies that have worn a collar are more settled, happy, confident dogs. If you puppy is flying it will be necessary to purchase a collar from me as I won’t fly a puppy without one. If you are picking up a puppy from me and would like to purchase a collar please let me know, so i can have it ready for your puppy. The collar continues to release the calming and settling pheromones 30 days. After this time, they are no longer needed as your puppy will be secure and happy in his new home. We sell them for $70 which is a lot cheaper than we can find them anywhere, but believe they are so beneficial we want to make them available to our puppies at as reasonable a price as we can. We use the Adaptil calming collar. They can be purchased at Petbarn for $86.99 currently. Occasionally petbarn has them on special for $69 and that’s when we grab as many as we can. Our vet also sells them for $90. They are a widely used and respected product.

Calming Collars