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Welcome to the page where you can find out how to purchase a Hillhaven Dachshund puppy and what to look for in a breeder.
Purchasing a dachshund puppy is a huge commitment and decision, and you need to research it well before you make that decision. You should find a breeder who is willing and available to help you anytime. You also should ensure your chosen breeder is knowledgeable of the breed and the health issues associated with that breed, and do all they can to breed healthy, well-socialized puppies.

hillhaven dashchund

hillhaven dashchund

This includes, but is not limited to DNA testing all adults,  IVDD back xray scoring all age appropirate adults ( betweeen ages 2-4 years old), carefully selecting breeding animals, which often means some dogs don’t make the grade and making the hard decision to not breed with certain dogs. It means finding a breeder who takes breeding seriously and is available 24/7 for their dogs and puppies, as it isn’t a part-time hobby if you want the best start for your puppy. Puppies need 24/7/care or the time withey are with the breeder, its not a part time activity. You need to ensure the puppies are well socialized from an early age, as early socialization is critical for a happy, well-adjusted puppy. This also means ensuring the adult dogs are well-loved family members as that affects how they raise their puppies and what skills and habits they teach. It is shown a stressed pregnant mother will have puppies moure suscetible to stress for the rest of their life.

We  are participating  in IVDD Xray testing our adults to try to reduce the risk of IVDD, which is the most common health issue in dachshunds. Breeeders need to take  IVDD seriously and do all they can to reduce the risks, bith genetically and through education.  We are very fortunate to have a quaified IVDD xray scorer in Australia, and breeders need to be using her skills to improve their breeding lines, rather than pretending IVDD isnt a problem with our dachshunds in Australia. 1  in 4 dachshunds in Australia develop IVDD at least once in their life, so it  is a very serious debilitating issue.

We currently have no puppies available.

We  keep a waiting list. Please contact us anytime to discuss joining. We have an expression of interest form that is in this section, which you are welcome to fill out if you would like to join our waiting list We look forward to hearing from you.