Pricing and Inclusions

Firstly, and most importantly loves to bits and used to being part of a family.

  1. Raised in our home
  2. Vaccinated with first of 3 puppy vaccinations
  3. Microchipped
  4. Thoroughly vet checked
  5. Wormed fortnightly
  6. With a blanket with their familiar scent
  7. Their favorite Toy
  8. Yummy Treats and chews, all natural
  9. Puppy pack filled with little gifts for you and your puppy
  10. Loads of information on dachshund care & diet, training etc.
  11. 6 weeks’ pet insurance with Petplan
  12. All our breeding dogs are DNA tested
  13. Early nerological stimulation is used for every puppy. This results in puppies having  greater tolerance of stress, greater resistence to disease, faster  adrenal system, stronger heart rate and  heartbeat and these effects have postitive beneifts for  a puppy for the rest of their lives.
  14. Lifetime support and rehoming policy. We will take our puppies backat any stage fir any reason during thier life if you can no longer care for him.
  15. Assurance you are purchasing from a registered breeder that has a yearly vet check, examining every aspect of animal welfare to become accredited.